Park City Trails

Park City Trails

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The town of Park City is located in the state of Utah. The once booming silver mining town has now completely transformed into a ski resort. Over the years this particular town has become one of the favorite vacation destinations of many throughout the world. Now, this town ranks amongst the wealthiest cities in the state of Utah. The town of Park City provides more then one third of the revenue generated by the overall economy of the state of Utah. With that said, it will come as a surprise to many that the number of residents that actually live in this particular part of the town are way less then the number of tourists and vacationers that come in this part of the land from all over the world.

Park City certainly has a lot to offer. With three major attractions, namely the Deer Valley Resort, The Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons Resort, this place is full of adventure. You can take part in a number of exciting activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing and many other ones.

Park City provides simply the best outdoor skateboard parks in the state of Utah. The twenty thousand square foot skate park has been featured in many magazines over the years including the famous Transworld Skateboard Magazine. Park City is certainly a wonderful place that provides you with the opportunity to test your skills. This place certainly offers miles of Park City trails perfect for your board or blade.

Hiking Maps of Park City

The entire town of Park City is surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. It doesn’t matter if you are here with your friends, family or even if you are a part of a guided tour, this particular mountainous terrain is perfect for hiking. The public is welcome to explore any section of the Park City trails enjoying the adventurous journey through the steep and rocky terrain.

Park City also offers you the opportunity to experience the best mountain biking and road cycling adventure. All the three resorts in the town provide both single and double track mountain biking throughout the summers. With more than three hundred miles of the best Park City trails, you will certainly experience an unforgettable journey, one filled with majestic and beautiful scenery of the mountainous terrain.

The town of Park City surely has a lot in store for everyone. You can certainly take a break from all the adventure and enjoy the city’s nightlife. There are a number of restaurants and shopping malls present in the town, which surely attract a lot of attention. Many festivals and events are also conducted in the town. For example, the leading independent film festival known as the Sundance Film Festival is conducted here every January. Apart from that film festival, there are various music festivals are also held throughout the summer and the winters. Park City is a town with a rich cultural heritage and all of that is showcased in the historic Main Street.