Park City Cycling

Park City Cycling

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Park City is a small town located in the state of Utah. This place was once a booming silver mining town in the United States of America but after the Great Depression and World War I the town was left almost abandoned. Attempting to bring back the once booming town, it was completely revamped and changed into a ski resort. Since then, millions of tourists and vacationers gather around this part of the region yearly and spend their vacations here. With so much to offer, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to many that Park City is one of the most favorite vacation spots for tourists. No matter if you are a teenager, a kid or even a grown up, there is just a lot in store for you here. Planning a trip during the summers or bringing the whole family here during the winters, it doesn’t really matter since you are bound to have a wonderful time here no matter which season you choose to come.

When summertime is about to approach, the roads of Park City are crowded with people and outdoor enthusiasts. The summers are a great time here to explore the outdoors and the mountainous terrain of the region. Located right in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, the town of Park City is surrounded with hills and varied terrains perfect for an adventurous cycling experience. There are more the 150 trails present in the town of Park City, so there is a plenty to choose from. So get your bikes tuned and find out what a Park City cycling adventure is like.

Park City Biking

Park City is home to three major resorts known as the Deer Valley resort, the Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons resort. With all these ski resorts present within the city, you would find several trails scattered all over these resorts perfect for a Park City biking adventure. One example of such trails is the Beaver Creek Trail, which is situated close to the Unita Mountains. A fairly easy trail indeed, since you won’t find many hurdles while cycling through this particular trail. If you want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon biking and exploring the beautiful and majestic Wasatch Mountains, then you know exactly from where to start.

Another great place for cycling enthusiasts is the Deer Valley Resort. Life services are provided at this particular resort, which will give you a head start at the top of the mountain. Cycling downhill from the top is certainly an unforgettable experience. If you are an extreme biker and want to see what Park City biking is all about then Holly’s Downhill is a must visit.

Biking through the various trails, you will certainly be exposed to the gorgeous and unforgettable beauty of the place. It is a scenery worth remembering. Many different trails including the Rail Trail and Lake Slide Trails are present in the town of Park City waiting to be explored by you.