Park City Arts and Culture

Park City Arts and Culture

Events in Park City

With the silver boom, Park City became one of the richest cities in the state of Utah. This particular mining town slowly and gradually developed the economy of the state. This place captured the attention of many entrepreneurs who set up their business in this region resulting in the whole town to flourish and prosper. However before World War I and the Great Depression, this town was nearly disbanded by the local residents due to the continuous decline in the price of silver, resulting in many businessmen to shift their attention elsewhere.

Later on, this mining town was changed into a ski resort. This particular transformation not only ended up saving the whole town, but also made it one of the wealthiest towns in the state of Utah. Now Park City contributes to more the one third of the revenue generated by the state of Utah. Over the years, Park City has certainly become a major tourist attraction. People not only from all over the United States but from different countries come here to have a wonderful and peaceful vacation.

Park City certainly has a rich cultural heritage. With that said, Park City is also a prosperous and a well-known art community. Just glancing through the art galleries here, you will find the true passion and hard work of the artists and designers here. If you are into dance and theater, then Park City would surely amaze you with one of the oldest theaters located in the historic Main Street called the Egyptian Theatre and the non-profit Eccles Center. Park City is also home to the famous Kimball Arts Festival, which is conducted every year during the summers. The “”Living in Harmony: Music Makes Community”” Exhibit at the Park City Museum is a must visit for any avid listener as this place takes you through the musical history of the region.

Park City Events

No matter if you are here during the summers or the winters, there are a number of events being conducted throughout the year. Park City proudly hosts one of the leading independent film festivals, known as the Sundance Film Festival. Throughout the month of January the town is crawling with people who want to witness this particular star-studded event.

Tourists and vacationers from all over the world can be a part of a number of events here. The Park City Food & Wine Classic is surely a delight for tourists from all over the world. Every Friday you can opt for riding on the historic Rail Trail, which would take you from the heart of the town to the lovely countryside. If you are a big fan of musicals, then the Great American Trailer Park Musical will certainly grasp your attention. This particular musical rakes place in the Egyptian Theater every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Want to experience nature at its best? Then every Wednesday you can even take part in the Weekly Nature Walks.