4th of July in Park City

Independence Day Park City

Spending the 4th of July in Park City is truly an amazing experience. During this time there are just a lot of fun activities you can be a part of. This time is perfect to bring in the whole family here and enjoy the vacations in the town of Park City, since this event and this place are sure to have something is store for everybody. Kids of all ages, adults and grown ups alike would have the time of their lives while spending this splendid holiday staying in a luxury hotel in the town of Park City.

Park City certainly has a rich cultural background. This fact alone helps a lot in making this holiday even more momentous and historic. There is certainly a lot going on all over the town of Park City, which really gives you a sense of patriotism, with celebrations that start way before the big day arrives and a lot of places which have become a must visit especially during this particular holiday.

Park City has a lot in store when it comes to festivities for the 4th of July. To kick off the celebration, the Summer Bash is started from the 2nd of July featuring music together with food and drink, as well as facilities and arrangements made for kids’ activities.

On the 3rd of July the celebrations are continued in the famous Park City Market, a highly recommended place to be, and where celebrations are usually carried on until the next day, right before the 4th of July parade is started.

Park City 4th of July

Once the big day arrives, it is certainly started with a big treat. A breakfast early in the morning is offered to all our guests at City Park. Guests can also take part in a five-kilometer run by joining in with the Park City Ski Team. Right after that, you will want to hurry up and reach the historic Main Street or Park Avenue to witness the fantastic and truly amazing Park City 4th of July Parade. After the parade, if you are in the mood for live music, then find yourselves back to the City Park. Well-known and famous music artists and bands are featured in a live music concert, which would go on for the whole afternoon. Food and drink facilities are also provided during the concert.

The moment nightfall approaches, fireworks will be started from the base of the Park City Mountain Resort. Be sure to be at the right spots for capturing the most beautiful moments of this great event. The Park City Golf Course and Boot Hill are good examples from where you can see all the fireworks.

If you have already decided to celebrate the 4th of July in Park City, then you can certainly make use of the various discount packages and other deals offered specifically for this holiday at the Park City Mountain Resort. Celebrate the 4th of July in the most entertaining way possible.