Park City History

Park City History

Park City History & Background

The huge mining boom that came about was surely a significant moment in Park City history as it resulted in a huge influx of people setting up camps in the mountainous terrain. With time, other mines all over the world were completely exhausted resulting in more people coming in this part of the region for better future prospects. This town soon became the wealthiest town in the state of Utah with business flourishing throughout the region. During the 1950’s however, the prosperous town of Park City nearly became a ghost town. The reason behind this was that a constant reduction in the price of silver during that time was causing many entrepreneurs to go out of business leaving many miners without a job.

During this time, the world was also introduced the Great Depression period and World War I. Since these two major factors nearly crippled the United State’s economy, it gave birth to the whole town of Park City being transformed into a world-class ski resort. This transformation ended up saving the whole town. The ski resort officially opened in 1963 with more then ten thousand acres of land, which was owned by the miners. This marked a rise in the ski industry that was made possible by all the hard work of the Utah Tourist & Publicity Council, which took a step forwardand promoted the ski resort.

Background of Park City Utah

Since the transformation, there has been a rise in the tourist industry as well. The number of tourists and vacationers here easily exceed the number of residents living in the town of Park City. In 2002, Park City hosted the Winter Olympics, which gave a big boost to the overall popularity of this winter play land. Since then, the town of Park City has seen a constant growth in the number of tourists coming here every year. People not only from all over the country but from all over the world come here to witness the majestic beauty of the Wasatch Mountains.

Over the years the tourist industry has certainly taken up an important role in the overall economy, as now it occupies more then one third of the revenue generated by the state of Utah. Park City now completely relies on the tourist industry and offers people to be a part of a number of activities ranging from mountain biking to skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing and many others. It is also home to the most luxurious lodging facilities present in the country.

The growth of Park City also gave birth to a completely different culture, one filled with wealth and pure adventure. With a constant growth in the tourist industry over the years, suddenly the struggle for survival was lost. Instead, a world famous resort was created that completely dominated the tourist industry, with historic places such as the Main Street area which is home to many Victorian buildings, shopping centers and fine restaurants offering the best traditional western cuisine in the state of Utah.