Westgate Park City Resort and Spa

Westgate Park City Resort and Spa

This Westgate Resort and Spa located in the town of Park City, Utah, is an ideal location if you are planning a ski vacation. This particular hotel offers spectacular accommodation and lodging services. When staying at this hotel, the Wasatch Mountains that cover the whole area act as the most beautiful and gorgeous backdrop, perfect for lightening up the mood.

On top of that, it doesn’t really matter in which particular season you drop by, since Park City has tons of recreational activities and several other things in store for you. This part of the region is more popular for the winters where vacationers can ski and snowboard while exploring the adventurous town. With that said, Park City also has a lot to offer during the summers as well. Amongst the most popular choices of several tourists, hot-air balloon riding, horseback riding, river rafting, hiking and mountain biking are just some of the many attractions you would come across.

This place also features a lot of cultural festivals such as the worlds leading film festival that is held yearly in Park City. It goes by the name Sundance Film Festival and is the premium independent film festival. Other than that, the International Music Festival is also held yearly featuring some of the popular bands and solo artists from all genres. You can also browse through the countless stores and shopping areas in this place, while dining out to the most fantastic restaurants serving carefully cooked fresh and delicious meals.

If you truly want to relax and unwind after a long and stressful day, the Westgate Resort offers a complete package of spa services including body treatments, facials, massages and more.

Westgate Park City

The accommodation services here are known for their quality and are highly praised. There are a number of wonderful features included in most packages, from warm and comfortable guestrooms to large and roomy bedroom suites, fireplaces, kitchen etc. It all depends on the kind of package you have opted for.

Customers are provided with twenty-four hour help services from the front desk. Also, if you run into a problem at three in the morning even, just call up front desk and get the issue resolved. Laundry services are even provided to the customers, together with internet access, which is especially beneficial for businessmen and the working class.

There are many other facilities provided to the customers, like for example, the largest indoor and outdoor pool in the state of Utah, as well as hot tubs, a proper basketball and tennis courts, a playground for kids to enjoy and have fun, gaming rooms for youngsters, pool tables for adults and a fitness centre. Rental facilities are even provided to tourists and customers whether it is skiing equipment or renting a bicycle perfect for mountain biking.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a vacation with your family or with that special someone, the Westgate Park City Resort and Spa is without a doubt the best place to spend your vacation at affordable prices.