Utah Liquor Laws

Utah Drinking Laws

Park City Drinking Laws

A holiday in Park City, Utah is designed for fun and frivolity but the state of Utah and the city of Park City wants you to be clear on the laws and drinking regulations to keep your vacation fun, and safe.

Park City is an easy place to get a drink, with more alcohol-based businesses per capita than any other city in the state of Utah. There are Frontier town inspired Saloons, brewpubs with local recipes for their proprietary beer, and even a local whisky distillery. But it is important to drink responsibly. There are local shuttles, ground transportation option and some places allow ski-in and ski-out facilities, but every proprietor in Park City want you to drink safely and return to have another holiday.

Here are some of the local ordinances for alcohol consumption.


Only 3.2% alcohol beer is available at local stores, grocery stores and convenience shops. If a restaurant has only a beer license they will also be serving the 3.2% beer.

If you want higher or full-strength beer you must purchase it at a State Liquor Store or at a restaurant with a full liquor license or private clubs.


Wine can only be purchased at restaurants with full liquor licenses or private clubs. State liquor stores sell wine, but other stores do not.


Only a State Liquor store will sell packaged liquor. If you order food you can purchase liquor by the glass in local restaurants with a full liquor license or in private clubs (food purchases may not be required).

State Liquor Store Locations In Park City

Note: Liquor stores are closed on State and Federal Holidays and Sundays.

1550 Mill Creek Drive

Snow Creek Plaza

The largest of the area’s liquor stores with a large selection of wines.

Hours: 10am-10pm

Days Open: Mon – Sat.

Local Phone: 615-8538

460 Swede Alley

Old Town

Hours: 11am-10pm.

Days Open: Mon – Sat.

Local Phone: 649-3293

Kimball Plaza at Kimball Junction

Hours: 11am-7pm.

Days Open: Mon. – Sat.

Local Phone: 658-0860

Brown Bagging/Unfinished Wine

Restaurants with full liquor licenses can offer at their discretion to provide a corkage fee for guests wanting to bring their own bottled wine to the restaurant or private clubs for consumption onsite.

Guests may also re-cork opened, but unfinished wine to take with them again at the discretion of the establishment.

Basic Utah Liquor Licenses

Guests dining in a full liquor licensed restaurant, banquet hall or private club, including airport lounges can order liquor by the glass, wine by the glass or the bottle and beer by the glass, can or bottle.

Packaged liquor, wine and beer over 3.2% alcohol can be sold only a State Licensed Liquor Store.

Full service liquor licenses can serve patrons either in the lobby or at the table from noon to midnight. Beer at 3.2% alcohol can be served from 10 am to 1 am.