Shadow Ridge Hotel

Shadow Ridge Hotel

Park City is located in the Wasatch Mountains, which are just a few miles away from the Salt Lake City Airport. This particular hotel is located in a key position as it is situated right in the centre of it all. Right in the heart of the infamous Park City Mountain Resort, you would find a place called The Village, which is just a few minutes away from the Hotel.

After walking just for a few minutes away from the hotel you will find yourselves in the downtown Park City area. With such a wonderful location, the Shadow Ridge Hotel is able to provide guests with a number of facilities and services no other hotel could offer. Just by catching a plane in the morning and taking a cab to reach here around lunchtime you can hit the ski resort and treat yourselves to a wonderful afternoon.

The Shadow Ridge Hotel is one of the renowned hotels providing accommodation services to guests in the town of Park City. This particular resort has a lot to offer for guests who just want to relax and have a good time. In house ski rental facilities are provided to the guests who want to hit the snow and an outdoor heated pool is provided for those guests who just want to relax during the afternoon with their friends and loved ones.

Shadow Ridge Hotel Park City

The Shadow Ridge Hotel contains more then fifty-two luxurious rooms with an outstanding interior design and decoration that is surely noteworthy. The recently renovated Platinum Suites are just the thing you are looking for when planning a romantic getaway with that special someone. There is certainly a lot of variety here, and guests can choose from a hotel room, one-bedroom or even two-bedroom lodgings when planning a trip here.

The Shadow Ridge Hotel also offers you a chance to host and manage events just as you planned it. It doesn’t matter if you are arranging a business meeting or a conference. With the diverse services this hotel has to offer, they will be able to cater to all your needs and fulfill all your requirements. From weddings to private parties and practically any sort of gathering, Shadow Ridge Hotel would facilitate you and ensure that the event is organized in the most efficient manner using the most cost-effective techniques.

Planning a trip here with business purposes or just to have a good time vacationing with your family, friends and loved ones? The Shadow Ridge Hotel has a lot in store for everybody. Every season here has its own charm, and this is just the perfect place to be during both the summers and winters. Shadow Ridge Hotel provides you accommodation according to your needs so that you are able to spend your vacations just the way you want. So whenever coming to Park City be sure to stay at the Shadow Ridge Hotel and live you dream vacation.