Salt Lake City Christmas events

Salt Lake City Christmas events

As soon as Thanksgiving comes to an end people usually begin to think about Christmas season, which has come to be one of the greatest holidays of our times. Christmas and snow seem to be synonymous and where else would you want to celebrate your Christmas apart from the lace with the finest snow on earth. You should actually plan to have the best Christmas of your lives in Park City, Utah as plan to have a wild weekend full of bewitching activities that are weekend long. The Christmas Festival of Lights is one such event that turns the Christmas season into one admirable event that makes you dream about a white Christmas every year.

We all look forward to Christmas as that season of the year when we see colorful lights twinkling across river fronts or even along the streets. The number and style of concerts in Park City during Christmas are such that they will make it one memorable experience. The activities at this time of the year usually make Park City become some sort of romantic movie town with magical looking movie scenes. The whole town has a plethora of Christmas music echoes with delicious smells of coffee and meat pies wafting through the air. What better thing will your kids want than to see horse drawn carriages and if possible take a ride in one of them?

As tradition is, the weekend before thanksgiving there is usually a celebratory mood engulfing the whole city which remains in an entertainment mood with a number of kids’ activities and fireworks, art as well as holiday lights; the celebration continues to crescendo with the climax being the Christmas festival of lights. There are live bands that play music as the fireworks and blues burst into the starry sky and the reflections being mirrored all over the entire Park City. The number of concert festivals during this period is simply great and you just must go there to know what it feels like.

Some of the activities that most guests look forward to during the December Christmas holiday period include live entertainment, Christmas galas, art and holiday gift sales in addition to Friday night Christmas flotilla to just give you a taste. The grand Tree Lighting ceremony will have taken place long before the month of December begins and admission is usually free at the Grand America Hotel. You will enjoy that marvelous Gingerbread Forest which is a collection of locally manufactured Gingerbread houses whose auction’s proceeds are used for the support of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The other interesting activity at Salt Lake City during Christmas is the renowned Festival of Angels Holiday which features a total of 60 artisans and crafters form about 3 states together with photos of Santa at special events and of course lots and lots of food, fun and entertainment. Even though the program is free to the public there are advance tickets to be bought in respect of breakfast with Santa come Sunday morning. Holiday shopping during the Christmas season is so wonderful and when you know that most of the proceeds go to assist children from needy families than you will be glad you participated in all these activities.