Prospector Square Lodge

Prospector Square Lodge

The Prospector Square Lodge is one of the leading accommodation providers in the town of Park City. With a number of services ranging from your run-in-the-mill rental facility to event hosting services, the Park City Prospector Square Lodge has certainly made a name of itself over the years.

Hotel accommodation with high quality luxurious rooms is provided to guests at affordable prices. Centrally located in the heart of the entire cultural heritage, this place is certainly amongst the major tourist attractions the town has to offer. This key location also helps guests as they can witness all the major attractions the town of Park City has to offer with great ease. The Main Market, which is just a few miles away, is a must visit if you are a fan of dining out and shopping.

The Park City Prospector Square Lodge is certainly well known for its event hosting facilities. The Conference Centre at this particular place is certainly one of the famous hosts to many events round the year. The Prospector Square Lodge proudly hosts one of the most famous independent film festivals of all time, known as the Sundance Film Festival. So if you decide to come around this part of the area around January, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the star-studded action here.

Park City Prospector Square Lodge

The Park City Prospector Square Lodge offers a number of facilities to guests staying here. You would be allowed to make use of their citywide transportation services free of cost, taking you to all the major locations of the town. Guests can also choose to stay in a studio with a fully equipped kitchen, a three-bed condo or even a luxurious hotel room. The condos here are perfect for families as they can accommodate more the eight people and include a fireplace within the condo to warm up the place and help you relax in a cozy environment.

Maid services are also offered round the clock with a twenty-four hour front desk service. Many units here contain a balcony with an overview of the whole town, which many would agree is certainly a breathtaking view. Heated hot tubs, an outdoor swimming pool, an athletic club and a spa, which will certainly help you loosen up and relax, are just some of the amenities provided to guests here.

The Prospector Square Lodge provides you with the most memorable dining experience as well. You can try out the widely praised steak served at the Grub Steak Restaurant and see (or taste!) for yourself what all the fuss is about. This particular restaurant also serves the best seafood in the town of Park City. It is conveniently located within the Prospector Square Lodge and is open daily for the guests during lunch hours and dinnertime. This particular restaurant can also be reserved and used as a meeting space for conferences or any sort of event.