Park City Tourism

Park City Tourism

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Park City is located in the state of Utah. This part of the state used to be a small silver mining town and over the years, it was transformed into a ski resort. With time, this particular town grew in popularity and now ranks among the topmost vacation spots in the country. With so much to offer, it will come as no surprise to many that Park City is one of the favorite spots for vacationers and tourists worldwide. This is certainly the wealthiest town in the state, providing more the one third of the total revenue generated by the state. The number of people that come here to spend their vacations greatly exceed the number of residents in this particular town.

The town of Park City has three major attractions. First of all there is the Deer Valley Resort, which contains some of the best powder in the state of Utah. Additionally, with a varied terrain present in this particular resort, it becomes a perfect place for skiers of all skill levels. The Deer Valley hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and since then many competitions and sports events have taken place here. Second is the Park City Mountain Resort which is officially termed has the winter play land of the town. With a ton of activities that can be done here, it surely is an amazing place to spend your holidays. From mountain biking to snowboarding, hiking and even rock climbing, a number of adventurous activities can be done here. Third is the Canyons Resort, which offers beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains. A number of activities can be done here including the romantic and extremely popular hot air balloon ride.

Visitor Activities in Park City

Skiing in Park City  is certainly an unforgettable adventure journey. With the many lodging and rental facilities present here, it can certainly help you in experiencing a carefree and a relaxing vacation. Apart from skiing, the town of Park City has many other things to offer as well. The historic Main Street area is certainly a favorite of many tourists here. This part of the town showcases the cultural heritage of its inhabitants, as there are many art galleries here that you can visit, including the famous Kimball Art Center. If you like theater, dance and musicals then the Egyptian Theater is a must visit.

Main Street is also home to one of the finest dining destinations in the town. Restaurants with the perfect environment serve you with the most deliciously cooked traditional western cuisine. There are a number of shopping malls present in this part of the town as well with all the elements involved that will certainly enhance the shopping experience.

No matter if you are bringing the whole family along with you to spend the perfect vacation or just planning a romantic getaway, all your requirements will be met here. Park City is certainly a great place for a vacation during both the summers and the winters no matter what your tastes are.