Park City Spas

Park City Spas

Park City Spa & Massage

The small town of Park City is located in the state of Utah. This particular town has a very prime location since it is situated right in the heart of the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains. This particular town has a rich cultural heritage and an interesting historical background. It used to be a silver mining town but soon after World War I, it was completely transformed into a ski resort.

Over the years, Park City has become the leading vacation destination in the United States of America. There are a wide variety of choices here and you can take part in so many activities. From mountain biking to hiking, rock climbing, golfing, hot air balloon riding, and the list will just keep going on.

After a whole day of exploring the town and adventuring into the mountainous terrain, a nice way to relax would be by pampering yourselves by the many well equipped Park Citysalons and spas that are located all over town. Treat yourselves in the luxury of the spas here, which provide the best treatment and specialized massages. Many of such world-class salons provide a peaceful environment in which you can relax and unwind.

The Align Spa for example, is situated just a few miles away from the Park City Mountain Resort and they offer a number of services including facials, body treatments, massages etc. The Amatsu is another place that specializes in ofuro, which is an ancient ritual from the Japanese culture. This particular spa can accommodate only a handful of people, which means that each and every guest here gets personalized service.

There are many other places all over town. For example Andrea’s Therapeutic, The Canyons Grand Summit Spa and Health Club, Aura Spa and Boutique and even Cloud 10, which offers in-house massage services for people as well as for dogs.