Park City Silver Mine

Park City Silver Mine

Park City, Utah has along history that dates back to the 1820’s when prospecting soldiers founded the city and in a little while it became a major mining town. Silver prospectors soon filled up the place and it became a bustling town even though it was reduced to ashes by a few fires the last major one being in 1920 which led to the rebuilding of the city. When you take a Park City Silver mine tour you will be able to visit many parts of the city that have been rebuilt, with the Main Street which had wooden structures being redone with stone structures, some of which remain to date. This is one reason that visitors are attracted to this historic city.

In a little while however the silver mines were depleted and the rich and famous people who had made a fortune soon began flocking out of town. The once flourishing city was going to become a ghost town but then some residents discovered that a great resource stood in their midst. In a little while recreational activities such as skiing and snowmobiling became the order of the day and a new crop of guests began coming into town again. They soon realized they could actually capitalize on the naturally appearing snow as well as making money by organizing the famous Park City silver mine adventures.

From a center for mining the city is now a major recreational and vacation destination in those mountains that surround it as well as the former silver mines. From as early as 1963 people began capitalizing on this resource and the treasure turned into what is now known as the Park City Mountain Resort. In a short while there were two other resorts that have come up: The Deer Valley Resort and the Canyons, offering guests a haven of skiing and all those winter games you can imagine. However, it was the 2002 Winter Olympic Games that were hosted here that opened the resort to the rest of the world.

You are bound to enjoy an excess of 8,800 acres of land with skiable terrain as well as 337 trails and more than 50 lifts. Whether one is on a business or pleasure vacation there is just more than enough to keep one busy during anytime of the year whether it is during winter or summer. This has become one of the world’s best and finest vacation destinations and it continues to become ever so popular. Instead of becoming desolate empty tombs, park city silver mine tours give guests a glimpse of what the underworld that was full of resource really looked like.

A simple Park City Silver Mine adventure is a set of tours that have been specifically developed within the now defunct silver mines. You get to travel more than 1500 feet underground using an elevator and you soon find yourself in the belly of the earth in the midst of damp, cool drifts as well as dioramas. You get the feeling that miners went through as they prospected for silver and you can imagine that this is one tour that will not only thrill you but teach you quite a number of lessons. Remember therefore that Park City is more than skiing, snowmobiling or even a night life on the Historic Main Street.