Park City Map

Park City Map

Park City Map, Directions and Ski Maps

The small town of Park City, in the state of Utah, is located right in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Just a few miles away from the Salt Lake City International Airport, this particular town has become a premier vacation destination in the United States of America.

The town of Park City is home to three major ski resorts, namely: the Park City Mountain resort, the Canyons resort and the Deer Valley resort. Apart from that, you can visit the Main Market area, which is home to one of the finest dining spots in the town of Park City. There are many shopping centers and retail outlets present here as well, and many events are also conducted throughout the year including various music concerts and more. With so much to offer, it would come as no surprise that the town of Park City houses more guests and tourists from all over the world than the number of residents that actually live in the part of the region.

Directions are very important when going for vacation in another region. So be sure to get a hold of a Park City map or a travel guide when visiting this part of the region. There are many sights in the town of Park City that you may want to visit. For example, the Main Market area is filled with art galleries, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants. There is just a lot to do here and the area is easily accessible from all the three major ski resorts present in the town of Park City. Park City is continuously repairing and renovating the historic areas present in the town, like for example the Downtown area, which showcases the art and culture of the town.

Directions in Park City

Towards the northern side of Utah, in the Summit County, you will find the Deer Valley resort. Amongst the Wasatch ranges, this particular area has some of the best quality powder in the country. Ski enthusiasts not only from all over the country but from all over the world come here to witness the thrill and adventure this resort has to offer. And to top it all, this alpine ski resort is ranked amongst the top ski resorts in North America.

Nearer to Salt Lake City, and offering more then three thousand acres of skiable terrain, is the Park City Mountain Resort. This particular mountain resort has been featured in a number of games and sports magazines. The Canyons resort is another alpine ski resort present in the town of Park City. This particular resort was previously named Wolf Mountain but was later on changed to the Canyons. The current Wolf Mountain resort is a ski area that is located near Ogden.

It’s easy to get to know the directions in Park City since all the major attractions in the town are close to each other. Whenever visiting here, be sure to pick out not just one but several maps of the different locations in town, as well as an accommodation which is conveniently located right in the heart of the it, so you can access all what Park City has to offer with great ease.