Park City Clubs

Park City Clubs

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The town of Park City is located in the state of Utah. Once a small silver mining town, it quickly transformed into one of the best ski resorts in the state. Now the town of Park City houses more tourists and vacationers each year than the number of people that live in this town themselves. Over the years, this town has certainly become one of the richest cities in the state of Utah, providing it alone more than one third of the total income generated by the state.

Park City is home to the finest powder available in the state of Utah. And on top of it all, the city brims with an exciting nightlife. The town is full of quality dining spots, clubs and bars. The historic Main Street area, in particular, is a popular hangout spot and is home to many of such places.

The Cicero’s is certainly one of those Park City clubs, which offers an encouraging, and a carefree crowd. This particular dance club is jam packed throughout the year. Once you enter the building, upstairs you will find a fine Italian restaurant. Downstairs is the place where the party is. Many people choose to dine upstairs and then simply walk down the steps and join the party.

Park City Bars

The town of Park City has surely earned a reputation different than the state of Utah. With so much to offer the town of Park City surely has a lot in store for people of all ages and tastes. One of the oldest Park City bars is the No Name Saloon. This place boasts of its famous Buffalo burger, although the wide variety of drinks available in this particular bar is simply amazing. If you are in the mood for something casual, then this is the place for you. Over the years this building has been subject to a lot of renovation, which keeps the place in tip-top condition.

O’Shuck’s is another great place to start out the night. It is one of the most crowded places in the town of Utah and the narrow space of the building makes this place even more crowded. This is one of the favorite bars for the locals and residents of the town. Apart from that, Harry O’s is another well-known bar full of activity. This place is extremely crowded, especially during the Sundance Festival when many celebrities and artists come here. This place is known for its live music and the massive dance floor, which is certainly overcrowded during the weekends when famous DJ’s from all over the world are invited here.

There are many other bars in the town of Park City including the famous Spur Bar and Grill, Sidecar Bar and The Downstairs, a hotspot for celebrities and artists worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for something too trashy or a sophisticated place where you will only dress to impress, the town of Park City has it all covered.