Hot Air Balloons in Park City

Hot Air Balloons in Park City

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Park City is located just a few minutes away from the Salt Lake International Airport. Situated right in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, this place used to be a small silver mining town. After the Great Depression and World War I, the town ended up being nearly abandoned. In desperate attempts to save this particular town, it was completely transformed into a ski resort and over the years, it has received much popularity and is now one of the leading vacation destinations in the planet.

With three major ski resorts located in the town of Park City, there is just a lot to do here. Explore the town while participating in a number of adventurous activities, from mountain biking to snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding and even a romantic hot air balloon ride, there is a wide variety of things you can do here in Park City.

Taking a ride on the Hot Air Balloons in Park City is surely an unforgettable experience. Just launching into the skies floating with the wind is a breathtaking experience, one that you will certainly cherish for the rest of your life. Hot air balloon rides were certainly the rage on the early stages of aviation, even before the airplanes were created. But even if quite old, the experience is still more amazing than ever.

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Riding hot air balloons in Park City lasts for about an hour on average, although from take off till the landing period, it accumulates to about three to four hours in total. You can choose to reserve your own private hot air balloon ride or decide to join others for this incredible journey. The best time for a hot air balloon ride in Park City is early in the morning, just after a few hours of sunrise. You should reserve your flight way before time in order to have everything arranged and prepared before you arrive at the destination.

A hot air balloon ride across the town of Park City provides you with a majestic bird’s eye view of the Wasatch Mountains surrounding the town. The overall weather has a huge role to play in the overall trip and you can easily find such ballooning services throughout the year in the town of Park City. There are several lodges and accommodation facilities present nearby so if you are planning a vacation here, then be sure to choose one accordingly, especially the ones close to the balloon riding services if you plan this to be one of your main activities. There are many facilities included in the overall package. For example, pick and drop services to and from the hotel (or any place) you are staying at. Many hot air balloon rides take on a more European style with after-flight ceremonies and celebrations.

Glancing through the Wasatch Mountains from way up there is certainly a breathtaking experience. So come down here and live one of the best moments of your life.