Alpine Slide Park City

Alpine Slide Park City

Mountain Resort Alpine Slide

The Park City Mountain Resort is one of the major attractions in the town. Ski enthusiasts from all over the world come to experience the thrilling adventure this place has to offer. This place is also termed as the winter playground of the town of Park City. This particular resort has been featured in many sports magazines and videogames as well, including the Shaun White Snowboarding videogame released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Park City Alpine Slide is located within the Park City Mountain Resort. It allows you experience the thrill of rocketing yourselves down moving through a fixed track with exciting banked turns and fun straight-aways. This particular slide is more than three thousand feet long, making it one of the largest alpine slides in the world. In the Park City Alpine Slide, you can choose to take up any of the four lanes. All the lanes here offer a different route involving a number of exciting turns, adventurous curls and fantastic swirls and dips.

The Park City Mountain Resort offers two other one-of-a-kind rides as well. The Alpine Coaster is simply amazing as you are taken down the mountain track with a number of bends and curves along the ride. The Zip Rider is another fantastic ride. This particular ride starts when you are about a hundred feet up in thin air and through a zip line you move towards the other end moving on top of trees at a very fast pace. Quite an experience if your ask.

Park City Alpine Slide

There are a lot of exciting activities you can take part in here at the Park City Mountain Resort, since this place surely has a lot in store for everybody. From adults to young children, everybody is bound to have the time of their lives, the reason why this is a perfect spot for a family vacation.

Another Park City Alpine Slide is located at the Utah Olympic Park. The name of this particular ride is The Quicksilver and is a more European-style slide. This slide is surely the first of its kind to make it all the way in North America and is in fact, a steel track that ends up with the k-64 ski jump and is surely an exciting and exhilarating journey.

If you are in the mood for something extreme then you might want to try out Park City’s sharpest and one of the steepest rides in the state of Utah. Located in the Olympic Park in Park City, you will be taken down at a speed of fifty miles per hour. The name of this particular ride is Xtreme Zip. With zipline rides like these, you really get to experience the excitement of ski jumping as you move down through the cable lines towards the base. For the people who have come to the town of Park City to witness and experience all the thrill and adventure here, the Park City Alpine Slide is a must visit.