Alpine slide park city Utah

Alpine slide park city Utah

Speed has always thrilled people and there are those of us who seem to really love the hair-raising experience that is brought by that downward shuttle. Is goes without saying that Park City Mountain Resort has one of the longest alpine slides in the entire world covering slightly more than 3,000 feet. Sliding and gliding down this luge like track bring such thrill that cannot be compared to anything else you will have experienced anywhere else. The alpine slide in Park City is such a thrill that it actually gives one a different kind of thrill every time one decides to take a ride.

The Alpine Slide in Park City has four different options to choose from in forms of tracks and the truth of the matter is that you cannot compare the experience with anything else. The only conditions for the sake of one’s safety are that every one must drive their own sled and you must be at least over 48 inches in height. On top of that if anyone else like a child intends to take such a wild ride they will not be younger than 2 years old and must be accompanied by a parent of guardian who must be at least 18 years of age.

There is no other amusement package that employs speed such as the Alpine Coaster in Park City. Here you will find a really elevated track that consists of more than a mile of bends and curves over a hillside. There is some hair-pin curves that will raise adrenaline especially when taken at speeds of 30 mph. Thai can actually be compared to a roller coaster but the difference is that it provides the rider with a spectacular view of the very refreshing mountain scenery which is the reason why guests flock to Park City. Since you are actually in control of the speeds in these tow rides you can therefore to decide to simply fly down the valley.

If you are really looking for a fresh and refreshing way to enjoy your stay at this resort city you need to be informed that you have several peaks that are daring you to try them. When it comes to the alpine slide in Park City you can be sure to enjoy a really comfortable ride on the chairlift in a speed that is slow enough to give you time to actually talk with your loved ones. What better way of spending time together with friends or loved ones. Simply drag your alpine slide with you from the chairlift drop off point and set it into one of the four tracks and get to enjoy the time of your life.

One of the best ways to enjoy all this thrill and fun is to make sure you hunt for alpine slide Park City Coupons or look for some of those special tickets that are usually available in various places. Just remember to buckle up and in a little while you will be rolling down feeling like you are actually floating calmly on top of the world. Every ticket gives a time frame when you should be there and the thrill of your lifetime will not be a scary one like some people will want to imagine. There is no experience you can compare with the alpine slide in Park City with the air rushing all over your face and in a little while you will be at the base of the mountain.