All Seasons Park City

All Seasons Park City

It’s no secret that Park City is the place to go for winter vacations. From the endless supply of world class skiing to the snow covered rooftops of Main Street, it’s easy to see why. But this small Utah town is a mine full of hidden treasures. Contrary to what you might think not all of them are found in winter, Park City is the all seasons playground for the young and old.

Ill let you in on a little secret. In Park city the summers are even better than the winters! I know it sounds crazy, it’s hard to beat the adorable charm, and awe inspiring beauty that make winters in Park City so special. But underneath the snow covered hills lie a whole playground waiting for anyone who’s willing to find it.

The summers in Park City start just as amazing as they end. They begin with a sudden burst of life from plants and animals alike. Ice begins to melt, plants start to bud, and the birds begin to chirp. A wave a warm air weaves its way across the crisp air, and bring with it the invitation to three months of outdoor fun.

After a long winter the animals are just as excited to enjoy the warm summer air as the people. Squirrels, birds, porcupine, and skunk are just a few of the animals to come out and say hello. Everywhere you look a new plant appears. Streams begin to fill the dried river beds breathing life into the heart of Park City.

As the wildlife in Park City blooms, so does the recreation. From monthly marathons to horse back riding, the options are endless. Around the rocky slopes of Deer Valley lie world class mountain biking trails, home to hundreds of professional biking competitions.

Head on over to the local lake Jordanelle to cool down, wakeboard, or maybe just soak up some sun. If you want to explore the mountain you can go horseback riding across thousands of breath-taking trails. Maybe take a morning ride on the local hot air balloons to get a birds-eye view of the sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains.
Whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed. Summer, winter, spring or fall the place never ceases to amaze. And the best part of all? Its all right here waiting for you’re arrival. So come on out and enjoy the all seasons of Park City Utah.